What do we have here?

So, at times I find myself looking at other blogs that chronicle people’s adventures of times in the upland. Times spent with dogs, beautiful photos taken, Training, shooting, gear; and they’ve all been thing’s i’ve found myself enjoying. There’s plenty of downtime at work when I’ve felt I could be doing something to better myself, and I think this is where I’ve landed. I certainly don’t possess the grammar and prose’ of some writers. I tend to type out exactly how I would talk.

I guess this is all to say this isn’t your grand dad’s blog. Just a place to land my thoughts and feelings. Share my experiences. Post photos and thoughts I’ve had on my often solitude times spent out in the woods.

Slummin? Why choose that word? Well it sorta seemed catchy but, there’s plenty of times I’ve spent hunting (more so deer than upland), that I felt pretty shitty afterwards. You know the feeling having spent the last 8 hours in the cold wet rainy 32* weather where you didn’t see a single thing move in a deer blind. Or maybe the dry ice cold November morning you’ve hoping to get a deer out of a tree, but the only thing you caught was numbness in your toes, because you’re an amateur and chose to wear sweaty rubber boots when choosing out your gear. I’ve been there. I’m not particularly good at a lot of things, but I do enjoy learning, I do enjoy the experiences, and I tend to look back at those things and see them as type 2 fun. But they can certainly feel like I’m slumming it at times.

There are of course plenty of times which aren’t slummin it such as below, when my 6 month old Large Munsterlander and I bagged our first Ruffy last year. A very proud dad moment, for sure.

Lainey at 6 months with her and my 1st Ruffed Grouse

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